Love Affair

You are intoxicating- smoldering

Sexual temptations

Painting a love affair of us

Across my body

Passionately garnished- deep colors of rhapsody

The crimson tones flavor my luminosity

Of my sex burning within

Taste my fervor thats dwells in my soul

Flaming desires are burning with the aura of

Your affections

The ecstasy touching my spirit feels my pulse

Beating against the undercurrents in my heart

I shelter the urge to harbor your love

In my stimulating sanctuary

Cover me in your sweetness

Satisfying my appetite

I am breathless -adoring the melody of your spirit

Creeping into my heart

It is tempted by the thirst of your arousing desires

Crazy devotions fancy my sweet intentions

Tranquil and subdued

I am swept away by your love