Feeling crazy – pacified 

I am down to your love

being absorbed

by each breath

 escaping your soul

I can clearly see

how your love

captivates me.

It harbors pulsating rhythms

sending my body

into salacious overloads.

I desire the softness

of your touch

the strength of your core

without them…

I am bordering

the loss of my mind-

I quench the thirst

I have for you

by sipping on the

sweetest reminders

of our love-

for your mouth is drenched

in aroma tantalizing 

my taste buds-

Watching you from a distance

how your eyes

follow my body,

seducing my thoughts

Leaving me feeling aroused

unable to stop.

I want only your

deepest rapture

to explore every curve

of my lips- hips -thighs

until my body gives up

A needed feeling of desire

being seduced and hypnotized-