Secret Loneliness

My love speaks passionately 

satisfying you

by my touch

drift into me

I will rise on

the edge of

a beautiful storm

Where the waves

of my obsession

Play upon me

Like a beautiful love song

Soothing hypnotic…

softly inhale me

Losing your inhibitions

of self control

Be crazy insane with me

dancing till dawn and awaken

to a beautiful morning horizon

When I look at you

bringing me softly

back down to earth

Where the colors

of crystal blue oceans

reflect brilliantly

off your eyes.

moves me into

a complete rebirth

Your scarlet lips

shades of crimson roses

outlines the corners

of my happiness

I’ll bathe you in fragrance

sweet exotic oils

soothing your body

in flowers

lavender roses- peonies

I’ll make every man jealous-

You are

passion and love


you will be written in history

illustrating your worth

breathtaking and delicate

you are to me

I wish to

sculpt you

paint you


upon my blank tapestry

I’ll be a devoted slave

to your every

needs -wants-desires

your fantasies shall

run deep

to the depth of my

erotic abyss

Clinging to the mystery

of my secret loneliness.