Haunting Mysteries

The way you watch me move

with your topaz eyes

         reveals such haunting mysteries,

Instructing me the way

your love surrounds me.

How you decorate my life

        Responding to your slightest touch

burning fiery sensations drown within.

You are tempted by my cravings

with delicacies comforting your lips

Drink springs of deep red wine

bathe in crimson rose seas

soaking your bodies silhouette

in the sweet essence of release.

Everything soothes me-

Your definition of us

leaves me breathless.

for you enchant me

seducing my hidden pleasures.

I need no more persuading,

for your love is breaking me down

leaving me consumed and weak..

I am bound by my own defenses

forbidden me to speak.

I’m absorbed by you

.Your core is the strength of stone statues

building a chateau of armor

protecting me.

I will keep you hungry with my

carnal desires,

arousing your salacious thoughts.

Bringing you that much more

closer to me.