Intimate Self

My compass finds me 

Adrift …

Embracing my intimate self

The discovery I found

Leaves me harboring depths of 

A provocative wonderland.

The outline of my reality 

I am lusciously attractive

The precious past I have

Brings me peace of who 

I have become

They say my eyes reflect 


Mirroring the image 

Of the Sun

Illuminating grace 

In all avenues

Of the weaknesses

 I once felt I owned

Enchanting such fallacies 

Kept me from becoming

The woman

I knew I could be.

So I left those thoughts in

A secret place…

Where they no longer 

serve me.

The brilliance of love

Overwhelms my soul.

I have decorated my life

With breathtaking moments

Where I signed 

the story of my life 

With you on my lips.