A Beautiful Rising

Seeing you…

You are as beautiful

As the Dawn rising

Realms Illuminated


Taking my breath


Where your rapture 

Is all I taste

Touching the


Of My Soul’s core

 Breathing You in

Like I need Air to breathe 

Into my lungs

I need you to live-

As much as I need 

My eyes to see

For without you

Or my eyes

I could not see 

Or live in your beauty

Exhale Me

Into your life

Feel me

As I wrap my essence

Around your heart

All the way to the 

Warm corners

Of your womb

Giving me 

New Life

To love

A love I can not

Do without

The contours of my mind

Continued to be 

Stimulated by

 New beautiful expressions

Of love

From your delicate silence

Leaving me speechless

You are elegance

Radiating through life

As you have protected me

Allow me to protect you

From living without



For love is

Your name-

When the obsession I have

Of your sexy smile

Reflects against the

Shores I walk on

Unearth Me-

Cover me with 

Your Passion