You say my love for you

Is taking shelter

In my soul

Let me invite you in

To savor and stimulate

The wild Phantasms

I submit too

Dance with me into

Erotic madness

This love affair is insanely


Intimately passionate-



Release yourself from all those

Crazy remedies

Which leaves you

Idled – caged

Fused and wrapped

to your 

Unchained soul

I will tease you

Capturing your curiosity

Flaunting myself before

Your beautiful presence

Stirring your mind up to

Raw naked truths

How I have dared

To love you so long

How you stop me

In my tracks…

Before I lose control

Aching for a reason

To amplify this

Playful mood

I can’t wait to get all lost

In you

Rolling smoothe


In your birth