My Fantasy

I am being held 

Within your

Dominant Authority

Body trembling 

From the distant sound 

Of your voice 

Calling out for me-

Forbidden thoughts

Of you invade

My naughty imagination

Of indecency

I can barely make out

The percussion I can feel from

Your footsteps

As they move in closer 

 on the old wood floor

 Beneath me

Though it excites my senses 

Of being caught

I dare you to stay 

And quietly watch

My hands caressing 

My body

Like its a Sweet tasting


Seeing the way 

My breasts rise 

And fall-

For I am consumed

By the vivid hypnotic 


You send me-

 You lead me into

A thrilling explosion 

Of decadency

Submitting myself to you

My body reacts… 

Rushing wetness 


The softness 

Of my sex

Up in between 

My thighs

I must confess

 I am going crazy 

Over you

For my innocent thoughts

Seem dangerous


A perfect beautiful

Melody of Carnal Sin

A seduction of love 

I hunger within

Caught with fantasies

In the folds 

Of my desire

Your taste for my 

Dark Pleasures

Pacify you

Begging me as you say

Please continue-

Your eyes follow 

The trail of my passions 

As my hands

Move into

the softness of my 

Naughty nature …

As I surrender 

Unable to sustain 

Feeling the rush

Of eroticism 


My brain

My heart beats faster

My body fever rises

 Wet marks of 

My sweat cover 

My flesh

  Seeing I’m 


Your deep sexy voice 

Saying to obey 

To trust you

Placing that red cloth

Over my eyes

You bring me down

to a place…

A new taste I hunger for

Relish In me

Put your lips upon

My mouth

I am lost

In you

I am now bound to

Your instruction

Permitting me pleasures’

In this rendezvous affair

For a moment I am

Left in complete 


Then awaken to

 The sunlight

Shining through 

The window

I see you

 Standing there 

Watching …

Admiring my 


Passionately turned on

My emotions 

Run wild

You enter my body

Meeting my eyes 

With your devilish smile

This fantasy

I forever shall keep

Hidden deep in

The love affair 

Of you 

And me-