Will your beautiful 

Mysterious shadow

 Slowly Fade away

With the night

Drifting through air

Clearing my atmosphere?

Remembering how it is 

But Love 

Which eludes me

Hiding your delicious

Provocative essence

From within my grasp

My bittersweet appetite

Nourishes each memory

I have of you

Preserving you perfectly

For something,

 I can taste later

Delightful ravenous

Colossal burst of

Exotic flavor 

I allow my mind to be

Fooled once more

Forgetting how easy

I learned to detest love

Too many lonely nights

Spent alone

In a lunatic restraint

Needing you like I need air 

To breathe

How clever

Life has been…

To tease and taunt me

With reminders of kissing you

Loving you

Needing you

With this haunting passion 

That aches to reside

Deep in my soul

When I stop all this madness

Creeping up 

In my dreams

Paralysis keeps me still

Unable to reach for you

To feel your real

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