Winter And Spring

It is winter now

The chill in the air

Burns my chest

Watching the days turn into night

I feel desperate for your touch

Your beauty cloaks my skin

Warming up my body

To see the love

You still have for me

Leaves my mind crazy in thoughts

Can you take refuge in me?

I remember the first time I saw you

The skies parted

Spreading open the Heavens

From the passion burning

In your soul

How it changed me

Together we are strong

For when our storms passed

From our troubled hearts

Warmth surrounded us

Like burning flames

Igniting the cold earth

We lay upon

How we brilliantly

Capture Love

Your essence glows

Welcoming Spring

Lighting up the aura

Surrounding you

You are so vibrantly precious

Golden magnificent stardust

Covers your naked skin

Lying next to me

Inhale the sweet fragrance of

Island Wildflowers

Rare and intoxicating


Covering your essence 

You are covered in the extract

 Of Love-

The sand covers the shores of 

Your Feminine Oasis

Reviving everything you desire-

Need me…

Because I need us-

Never look away from me

Allow me to soak you up

Like the warmest rays 

Falling off the Sun

That Beautiful 

Golden Sun…

Shining down

Upon us…

Let it salivate your curiosity

On everything that makes this

Love Real.

I will penetrate lust into

Your thoughts 

Stimulating your mind

Yes, wonderful Sinful Love

Flowing in us

Flowing rich in our veins

Flowers decorate your skin

Vibrant pink- Fuchsia- Red

Orange Marigolds

Come to me

Do you feel like getting 

Lost in the depth of winter

Relishing in me for months

Then a day will come


When we fall in love

All over again