Beautiful Expressions

I love writing beautiful art

Poetry and creative writing has been my passion

for as long as I can remember.

My life has always been surrounded with exploring

whether wandering outside in nature

or in a dusty old book.

Writing expressions of love

using delicate detail in a prose

is quite often my ideal of contentment and happiness.

My imagination and applaud for life

verse after verse

unravels the deepest passion in me-

My unique style of writing displays

originality and imagery

for I am always excited to learn new ways

to grow as a writer.

Composing art through sensual words unleashes visual stories

which, I believe can carry our imaginations

into an erotic journey without surrender

taking our breath away,”


I hope you find something within my writings

that pulsates within you,

enchanting your thoughts on

this love affair with life

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Expressions

    1. Mary it is Victor. That was beautiful baby. The poem was incredible and now I’m over at your site and your work here is extraordinary. I will elaborate later

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